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CHUZ "Hospital" Russian Railways-Medicine " is a multidisciplinary medical institution that provides outpatient and inpatient medical and diagnostic activities. The main tasks of the institution are:

  • -  preservation and promotion of health, professional longevity.
  • - ensuring the high quality of medical care and creating a positive image of employees of the CHUZ "Russian Railways-Medicine" Velikiye Luki".

Railway medicine at the junction of the Velikiye Luki station dates back to 1901. The hospital includes a polyclinic with 280 visits per shift and a hospital with 80 beds. On the basis of the medical center there are functional and ultrasound diagnostics, clinical and diagnostic laboratory, X-ray, physiotherapy, endoscopic and dental departments.

Highly qualified personnel conduct receptions in the institution: a gastroenterologist, a psychiatrist-narcologist (Doctor of medical Sciences), a doctor-cardiovascular surgeon (candidate of medical Sciences). Admission of patients is carried out in the following specialties: therapy, surgery, urology, traumatology, cardiology, neurology, dermatovenerology, psychiatry, narcology, gynecology, dentistry, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, gastroenterology.

In 2020, medical services were provided to 123,600 patients, including 1,170 foreign citizens.

Treatment in Russia
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